Welcome to Christ Church!

There are many reasons that people walk through the doors of a church. Many are attracted by the opportunities for worship, prayer and education as part of a faith community. Some come because of a congregation’s commitment to outreach in the world beyond the four doors of the sanctuary. Others come simply for fellowship and a time to be with friends and neighbors. Still others are attracted by the church’s history or place in the local community.

Regardless of what you are looking for, Christ Church is ready to welcome you and to allow you to experience any and all of these!

We are deeply committed to worship and to sharing the love of Christ with friends, neighbors and newcomers alike. No matter where your life journey started, we are a community that is ready to walk with you as you move forward – from newborns to older adults and all stages of life in between. God is present in our liturgy, our study of the Bible, our work in the world and our time together, and we invite you to experience that with us.

To paraphrase the Prayer of St. Francis, we at Christ Church strive to be instruments of God’s peace. Together we celebrate life’s joys, and we work to provide hope in times of difficulty. We offer encouragement and love for any suffering in body, mind or spirit. We work to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and give strength to the weary. And in all we do, we always remember that we are all part of one creation and one family in the embrace of God – and as part of that family, we welcome you! No matter who you are, you are welcomed here, and we invite you to come experience for yourself the joy of God’s real and abiding love. If you are looking for a church to call home, the doors of Christ Church are open to you!
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