Disaster Response & Prepardness

Disaster Response & Preparedness

The consequences of the recent earthquake and hurricane Irene prompted the Diocese of Virginia to initiate an effort to help parishes plan local disaster response and recovery. 

Former Rector of Cunningham Chapel Parish, Pete Gustin, is one of the leads in this endeavor and is being assisted by Tyler McKee, a computer technology member of the Diocese Disaster Preparedness & Response team. The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston appointed this team following the earthquake in August, at which time he wrote, "The lives and well-being of our own loved ones and parishioners depend on the readiness of our communities to face and respond to whatever emergencies may arise, and those communities we serve will be looking to the Church to support such efforts by providing relief, comfort and recovery. I cannot overstate the necessity for each of us to be proactive in preparing for the potential disasters that could confront our communities." 

Development of a Disaster Response and Preparedness ministry at Christ Church is currently underway. in an effort to combine disaster preparedness, stewardship, and outreach efficiently and cost effectively
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